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blog 3

When I opened the door and walked behind the counter, I saw fires and cups on the floor and, since I didn’t want to get my shoes dirty or anything, I stepped over some spilled fries and cups, I walked right into another worker.
Great, my first day at the job and I walk right into another co-worker. That is just great. Making friends already.
He was making a milkshake and when I had bumped into him he had spilled it all over the front of his shirt and pants. Great I’m sure he’s going to like working with me. He stopped what he was doing and turned around to look at me. I was expecting him to yell at me and tell me to watch where I was going but instead he turned and was about to say something but I cut him off and said ‘I’m sorry.’ He told me not to worry about it and things like that are going to happen especially when you work here. It was at that moment I could tell me and him were going to get along well. My first day at work at McDonalds. I put my hair up and threw my hat over the messy bun.

blog 2

Roller Coaster
I am going to write about the time when I rode my first roller coaster. As the cart I was put into started to move upward towards the top of the hill. All the excitement and the thrill of it, made my heart beat faster and faster. As the cart suddenly sped off down the top of the hill, I found myself screaming, although I wasn’t the only one. I heard blood curdling screams coming from the people who were sitting in the seats behind me. We got to the first corner and the cart turned but it turned and gave you whiplash. The wind hitting my face and it whipping my hair around my face, I sure hope this cart doesn’t fly off the track. Well it shouldn’t I mean otherwise they wouldn’t let the public ride it. I hope I don’t die. Oh my god that would be terrible, how much would everyone miss me? Something flew right into my mouth as I was screaming. I think I just swallowed a bug! Ugh how gross. What if it lays bugs in my stomach?!
Suddenly the ride was over and we came to a jerking stop. My head flew forward but not as far since the safety devices were still on everyone.


Last year’s prom was pretty amazing. Almost every junior and senior was there and all had a great time. Everyone who was there would talk and would dance together. Although some people showed up late, most stayed right up until the end.
It was at the Radisson Hotel, in the basement where there was more than enough room for everyone to move around freely, without bumping into each other.
Although, most schools have clicks’, where everybody is classified by who they hang out with, or who they call friends; but not at Climax.
They held awards towards the middle of prom including: best hair, best dress, cutest couple and of course, Prom King and Queen. The senior class won all of the awards because they were seniors and the juniors didn’t win them because they always had another chance to win the same awards next year. Everyone who went had a great time being able to dance with friends and whoever they were dating at the time.
Towards the end of the night the DJ was playing slow songs and everyone was having a great time laughing and talking with each other. It ended at 11 P.M. Everyone was given a gift bag after they had left.
My goal’s for next year is to get a giraffe or maybe a leopard as a pet and to get a mustang as my car with my baby sitting money. I want to graduate and get my diploma and I would try to keep in touch with friends, and I want to get all my work done so I can get into Harvard and make my friends and my family proud of me. I think I want to go to college and become a cop or maybe a kindergarten teacher. I want to help keep people safe, and stay safe, from the creepers now a days. I would want to take a road trip and visit every state and stay in at least one city at all the states. I think it would be fun to make new friends from each state. I would try to have all this done within a year or maybe more. I would bring my closest friends with me and I would leave the day after I graduate high school. I have already planned that after i graduate I would be going to Italy with my best friend Jordann after I graduate high school. After my freedom trip I want to start a family and move to florida and own my business, although I have no idea what that would be. I want to go to New York for springbreak, although I might not like it as much and would miss my friends and family.
What I’m looking forward to most is going to prom, because it’s a twice in a lifetime kind of thing and I’ll be able to hang with my friends and hanging out with them and having a great time. I have been looking forward to summer as well because this is my next to last summer with my family and I want to make it a great one. Over summer I will be getting my tattoo. I also cannot wait until I can go back to the beach and get a tan again. I’ll be going on a family vacation with my family to florida and to Tennessee to visit some friends. I am looking forward to graduating next year, and after the graduation me and a few close friends will be going on a road trip to where we want to go college. I want to become a model or a kindergarten teacher. I am also looking forward to prom for that year as well because I’ll be going all out for it. Then I am also looking forward to the senior trip, but hopefully we can go out of state for that. I’ll be turning 18 after I graduate. I’m excited for that because I can do everything I want to do but my parents would not allow it. I have planned to travel around the world because it would be nice to meet new people and learn their customs. It would be unique and different to see how their country’s work.
For my movie review I decided to do my review on The Vow. This movie has been rated by the critics and they said the movie was a 44%, but 95% of people, audience, want to see it.
Helen Ohara said "The few weakness in the plot can be overlooked as The Vow makes for a wonderful-if teary- romance that is brilliantly acted."
Roger Moore says "Like Nicholas Sparks novel with a dash of a wit, a hint of edge and a smidgen less sap."
My favorite things:
1) cell phone because I can stay in contact with my friends.
2) snowboarding because it makes me happy.
3) skateboarding because its something i enjoy doing.
4) modeling because its fun.
5) sleeping because i need it haha
6) driving becasue i find it fun
7) singing because i like it
8) shopping because its entertaining
9) time with my family because there always there for me
10) makeup because i can change the way it looks



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